Monday, December 27, 2010

HGUC MS-18E Kampfer Review 1

Kampfer : Ye want t'see meh n***d eh?! Wat d'ye mean, ye wanna see meh frame instead?? Har har har..............
~_~ !!! ~_~.................. /swt... bad joke, bad joke....

Oh anyhow, here we go, Act 1, Kampfeeeeer Action!!

Errrr.... the above pics only to show you how the Kampfer looks like in normal-standing pose. I use the yellow Gundam Marker for the first time yeeee. :D :D

Kampfer with the full weapons, actually from some angles this unit looks quite fat but somehow muscular, looks like a body builder from the Fitness Center hahaha. ^_^
I didn't bother posing it with the chain mine right now, coz it's too long. Maybe in the next Act when I've shorten that.

Target Lock On!!!! *DOR* 
Is the shotgun's sound effect supposed to be*DOR*??

Obligatory Canopy's Gunpla pose hehehe. ^_^
Beam Sword on baby!!!

Kampfer can even go into Super Saiyan mode when it ran out of ammos. ^_^

The last picture above looks like the 007 aka James Bond pose isn't it? Hehehe.
Ok then it comes to my conclusions for this unit..

Impressions :
  • Lot's of weapons and hands set, fun to be played with.
  • Shotguns are rare, if you're bored with those beam rifles, get this unit.
  • Looks good when you pose it correctly and put it in good place. It already looks good without the Action Base.
  • Strong joints
  • I wish that I can make the Kampfer's eye shine to make it more "bad-ass" like some person's Gunpla Model hehehe.

Kampfeeeer Kiccccckk!!!!!!

Kampfer : Errrr.... wait wait, time out dude!!!!
Hi-Nu : Ye pick the wrong opponent mate.... Hi-Nu Gundam wa date janai!!

Fufufufu, for you who haven't know this unit, this is the Hi-Nu Gundam, it's said that it is the most powerful Gundam in the UC era........... WHAT THE.... this is Kampfer's review right??!?!?! Next time next time, hope you enjoy it. ^o^



Ren n Tako! said...

nice photos! jus abit small tho.. i see tt you've started using a backdrop.. ^^ i have to scroll up again to check whether its a HGUC or a MG. xD have you topcoated it? i waiting for a MG ver. to crash thru my window from a passing comet one day... ^^


canopy said...

Oh hiya Ren, thx. Yea it's a simple backdrop utils. Hahaha topcoat, later later, after done learning paint. Fufufu, may the Santa Char will send your wish :D.

daniel said...

Nice shots canopy, so the Hi-Nu will come next?
Merry Xmas!!

canopy said...

Thx daniel, well.... the Hi-Nu... maybe..., not decided yet hahaha ~_~
Merry Christmas too. ^^

LuminoX said...

This too, you have good pics here.

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