Monday, December 27, 2010

HGUC MS-18E Kampfer Intro

Hoooooo, this is Kampfer. As for its story, it is designed as a very fast and agile mobile suit by the Principality of Zeon. It has lots of weapons to..... destroy the enemies of course.

Well, you can search on wiki or mahq for the story, we're going straight to the HGUC model itself hehe.

Well, no WIP for the this mobile suit... I checked to the photo result and it was too dark to be published here hahaha, shame of me ^o^. But anyway this is an introduction to the HGUC Kampfer, overall I think that it's a great model, it has lots of hands to pose with the weapons. 2 Bazookas, 2 Shotguns (Yeaaa shotguns, not beam rifles), 2 Beam Sabers, 2 Strum Faust (those like masher things in Kampfer legs), and 1 chain mine which I don't care about.

Things that I like about this model is it has cool shotguns. The shotguns can be transformed / switched to mode "2", the one with shorter length. (Since I'm not familiar with weapons terminologies, I'll just say that it is mode "2" haha)

The bazookas can be held by Kampfer very nicely to make cool poses. So I'll say the bazooka is a 5/5 rating for its usability. (Compare to the Stamen bazooka)

Enough intro babling, off to go to the Action Poses Part1!!!

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