Tuesday, December 7, 2010

HGUC Gundam RX-78GP03S Stamen Review 1

Now then, about Stamen. I haven't actually watch the anime yet, but I've played several games (SRW) that includes this lovely Gundam. Errr, I think "lovely" is not the word...... Ok, COOL.... Ah, that's better.

Being a High Grade Gundam that released back then in 2001, I would say Stamen has a very good design, even compared to several up to date HG Gundams. Oh some trivia, HGUC GP03S is the fourth Gundam in HGUC line.


GP03S in standby mode, love this unit...

The thrusters are unique.

Somehow, the HG Stamen can't really pose with it's bazooka, I think it's more because of the hands.

Hehehe, even HG can make quite a good pose, don't you think? ^o^


The HG Stamen actually can pull some more cool moves, like using its mechanical arms, bazooka, etc, but...... I think I'll save it for later. Anyway enjoy the pictures, c ya on the next reviews. ^o^

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