Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Tools for Next Projects

Yesterday I went to my local bookstore and got these things. They are basically markers and pens for panel lining. And anyway, I bought these things only to find that the next day there are 35% discount on every item in the bookstore!!! Ouccchhh!!!

And here are the new guys:
  • Faber Castell,10 Brush Tip Markers. These things only work in a light colored surface (i.e: white), so don't expect it to work on blue surface like those Gundams chest.
  • Pilot, Extra Fine Point Gold Marker. It has a small tip for the small details.
  • Pilot, Extra Fine Point Silver Marker.
  • Whiteman, Gold Paint Marker. Hehehe, I think this will be useful for those gold frame of Strike Freedoms. It has a wide tip.
  • Uniball, Signo Bronze. Bronze color maaann!!!
  • Uni Pin Fine Line  0.05
  • Dong-A, Fine Tech 0.25.
  • MonAmi, Furiter 0.5

One of the pens that catch my attention is the 0.05 Uni Pin Fine Line, it has a very small tip. Can't wait to use it for panel lining. Now then, let's see what will be my next project...

Errrrr..... MG Exia Ignition?? Hmm no no no, no gold parts and the color is already molded in the right color. Oh btw, I panel lined this Exia using a 0.5 pen, seems to be quite OK. ^_^

Ok, let's check in the unbuilt gunpla stocks. Aaaaah found it!!!
No, not the Crossbone, Let's pick the SD GP03D... Crossbone is too soon for these things.


daniel said...

The Whiteman Gold Paint Marker can't be used, it's a board marker..... :)

canopy said...

Yeaa.... realized that, wrong buy hahaha.

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