Sunday, December 19, 2010

SD Gundam RX-78 GP03D Dendrobium Orchis Review 2

SD Gundam RX-78 GP03D Dendrobium Orchis. In this form, both the Stamen and Dendrobium looks cute, but still emit the coolness aura. The pictures can describe what I mean. ^_^

The right white part of the helmet mask that close to the eyes has an excessive plastic, so I had to cut it carefully. Unfortunately I just realized that after taking the photoshoot of the kit.

Some of the parts seem not molded correctly like the Tail Binder. The hands also has a color inaccuracy.. *_* Well, not something that's unexpected though.

Big parts for an SD type gunpla.

The finished SD GP03S, it stands proudly, with head even bigger than the PG's.

Hehehe, tried to spread the legs as far as possible for better pose.... Wait.... it only has feet. ^o^
When you look the Stamen from above, the face looks quite menacing don't you think?
I ended up didn't panel line anything but the one at the feet's bottom hahaha. I tried to panel line the head, and immediately erase all of them since I messed up. Lack of skill....., maybe try it later with the cheaper Sangoku gunplas *_*

Somehow I feel that the back thrusters of Dendrobium is quite cool
It looks like a double headed dragon yea? ^_^

The Dendrobium Orchis is ready..., Now let's get Stamen inside it and kick some a$$!!
Speaking of a$$... somehow I feel that it looks like a toilet when Stamen is not inside it.....

Looking good so far, GP03D Dendrobium looks great even in standby mode like this. Well it's not like that it has many movement variation. The SD version also has the difficulties in holding its bazooka just like its HG and MG version.

Now how about the HG Stamen, can it accomplish its plan to dock to the SD Dendrobium???

HG Stamen : May I?
SD Stamen : Dream on bro!

Impressions :
  • It looks good on your desk, take more space than regular HGs.
  • Pretty big for an SD.
  • It has some excessive parts on some area, molding error maybe.
  • Wow, it was first released on 2000.

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    daniel said...

    Good review, try the Gundam Markers. The basic Markers are good choice. Don't be fret of making mistakes in lining or coloring.

    canopy said...

    Hi there, yea I started to use the Gundam Markers, thx for the advice. :)

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