Monday, December 27, 2010

HGUC MS-18E Kampfer Review 1

Kampfer : Ye want t'see meh n***d eh?! Wat d'ye mean, ye wanna see meh frame instead?? Har har har..............
~_~ !!! ~_~.................. /swt... bad joke, bad joke....

Oh anyhow, here we go, Act 1, Kampfeeeeer Action!!

Errrr.... the above pics only to show you how the Kampfer looks like in normal-standing pose. I use the yellow Gundam Marker for the first time yeeee. :D :D

Kampfer with the full weapons, actually from some angles this unit looks quite fat but somehow muscular, looks like a body builder from the Fitness Center hahaha. ^_^
I didn't bother posing it with the chain mine right now, coz it's too long. Maybe in the next Act when I've shorten that.

Target Lock On!!!! *DOR* 
Is the shotgun's sound effect supposed to be*DOR*??

Obligatory Canopy's Gunpla pose hehehe. ^_^
Beam Sword on baby!!!

Kampfer can even go into Super Saiyan mode when it ran out of ammos. ^_^

The last picture above looks like the 007 aka James Bond pose isn't it? Hehehe.
Ok then it comes to my conclusions for this unit..

Impressions :
  • Lot's of weapons and hands set, fun to be played with.
  • Shotguns are rare, if you're bored with those beam rifles, get this unit.
  • Looks good when you pose it correctly and put it in good place. It already looks good without the Action Base.
  • Strong joints
  • I wish that I can make the Kampfer's eye shine to make it more "bad-ass" like some person's Gunpla Model hehehe.

Kampfeeeer Kiccccckk!!!!!!

Kampfer : Errrr.... wait wait, time out dude!!!!
Hi-Nu : Ye pick the wrong opponent mate.... Hi-Nu Gundam wa date janai!!

Fufufufu, for you who haven't know this unit, this is the Hi-Nu Gundam, it's said that it is the most powerful Gundam in the UC era........... WHAT THE.... this is Kampfer's review right??!?!?! Next time next time, hope you enjoy it. ^o^


HGUC MS-18E Kampfer Intro

Hoooooo, this is Kampfer. As for its story, it is designed as a very fast and agile mobile suit by the Principality of Zeon. It has lots of weapons to..... destroy the enemies of course.

Well, you can search on wiki or mahq for the story, we're going straight to the HGUC model itself hehe.

Well, no WIP for the this mobile suit... I checked to the photo result and it was too dark to be published here hahaha, shame of me ^o^. But anyway this is an introduction to the HGUC Kampfer, overall I think that it's a great model, it has lots of hands to pose with the weapons. 2 Bazookas, 2 Shotguns (Yeaaa shotguns, not beam rifles), 2 Beam Sabers, 2 Strum Faust (those like masher things in Kampfer legs), and 1 chain mine which I don't care about.

Things that I like about this model is it has cool shotguns. The shotguns can be transformed / switched to mode "2", the one with shorter length. (Since I'm not familiar with weapons terminologies, I'll just say that it is mode "2" haha)

The bazookas can be held by Kampfer very nicely to make cool poses. So I'll say the bazooka is a 5/5 rating for its usability. (Compare to the Stamen bazooka)

Enough intro babling, off to go to the Action Poses Part1!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

SD Gundam RX-78 GP03D Dendrobium Orchis Review 2

SD Gundam RX-78 GP03D Dendrobium Orchis. In this form, both the Stamen and Dendrobium looks cute, but still emit the coolness aura. The pictures can describe what I mean. ^_^

The right white part of the helmet mask that close to the eyes has an excessive plastic, so I had to cut it carefully. Unfortunately I just realized that after taking the photoshoot of the kit.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

SD Gundam RX-78 GP03D Dendrobium Orchis Review 1

Fufufufufu ^___^, this is the SD Gundam GP03 Dendrobium, the minified version of the super big HG Dendrobium. As far as I remember, this one has some panel line area, it will be a good test mate.

Total 5 runners, 1 PC Parts, and a foil sticker. Quite big for a SD. Fufufu the HG GP03S can't wait to be docked into the Dendrobium Orchis. Have a feeling that this will turn to be a great unit. ^__^

New Tools for Next Projects

Yesterday I went to my local bookstore and got these things. They are basically markers and pens for panel lining. And anyway, I bought these things only to find that the next day there are 35% discount on every item in the bookstore!!! Ouccchhh!!!

And here are the new guys:
  • Faber Castell,10 Brush Tip Markers. These things only work in a light colored surface (i.e: white), so don't expect it to work on blue surface like those Gundams chest.
  • Pilot, Extra Fine Point Gold Marker. It has a small tip for the small details.
  • Pilot, Extra Fine Point Silver Marker.
  • Whiteman, Gold Paint Marker. Hehehe, I think this will be useful for those gold frame of Strike Freedoms. It has a wide tip.
  • Uniball, Signo Bronze. Bronze color maaann!!!
  • Uni Pin Fine Line  0.05
  • Dong-A, Fine Tech 0.25.
  • MonAmi, Furiter 0.5

One of the pens that catch my attention is the 0.05 Uni Pin Fine Line, it has a very small tip. Can't wait to use it for panel lining. Now then, let's see what will be my next project...

Errrrr..... MG Exia Ignition?? Hmm no no no, no gold parts and the color is already molded in the right color. Oh btw, I panel lined this Exia using a 0.5 pen, seems to be quite OK. ^_^

Ok, let's check in the unbuilt gunpla stocks. Aaaaah found it!!!
No, not the Crossbone, Let's pick the SD GP03D... Crossbone is too soon for these things.
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