Sunday, January 30, 2011

HGUC FA-78-3 Full Armor Gundam 7th WIP Review 1

Saturday again now, it's almost midnight 10:18PM here. Time surely flies here, it's almost the end of January 2011 now haha. CNY is only 4 days left, I think I'll take a day off from Wednesday to Friday to celebrate it with my family.

Now then intro to this HGUC FA-78-3 Full Armor Gundam 7th. I got this one about 3 or 4 months ago, and still I don't know anything about this unit's information.
When I first saw this unit, the thing that comes up to my mind is "Wow, it's colorful..., let's try it out".

Fufufu, the HGUC family members are waiting for the new babe here. Oh say hello to my Z, Delta Plus, and Nu. I finished the Delta Plus and Nu about last week..... Now it sounds like I'm totally addicted to gunpla.
The finished stuff should be like in the picture above, it's colorful....agree buddies?

Now I'm starting to think that the parts looks like LEGO.... Oh about the pictures above, usually I'll cut all the parts first and separate those into the plastics: The unique, the double runners, and weapons plus backpack etc.
As for the stickers, there are lots of them for this Gundam.
And the markers, those are the one I use to hide the nubmarks, a gray sumiire Gundam Marker, and two Faber Castells'.

Good thing from Bandai's recent HGUCs are the heads usually seamless. Hoho, talking about comparison with RG Papa Gundam's head, quite different in details. Oh anyway, remember to put the eye sticker lower, the HGUCs usually have narrow one strip eyes if you put it wrongly. Make sure to loosen the "inside the head" connector in case you want to separate the head parts again.

Nice, Bandai gives us two type of hands for the left and right.
The shield design and color separation... I think it's a nice one, fresh shield for a HGUC.
What's with the backpack, is the red part somekind of a tail binder? Hmm.....
Weapons, again.... the soft gray color is kinda new to me.
Beam sabers, hahahaha Bandai doesn't include the beam effects, but it doesn't matter though. You can always pick the effects from your other HGUCs, socket is the same lah.

I'd say that's a nice color separation for the torso and waist. As usual for the front skirt armor, you can cut the connector in two for better leg movement range. We'll need to color the tail binders as it come in a plain white.

The arms, well...... it comes with small number of parts. The motion range, as usual of HGUCs, it can only bend about 130 degrees at maximum.

And finally, the leg and feet, quite lots of parts which also consist the armors. The leg itself can bend quite far.... Hmmm, intriguing for poses. But still... the feet's red come in one part, as expected lah, it's not an MG or RG.

I woke up again @ 5am the next day, walk to my notebook to finish this post. Wait..............., my Zeta, my Zetaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it fell off from it's stand. I freaked out as I think it would share the same fate as my previous Gaplant Hrairoo.

Luckyly the parts didn't break, only separated from the connector. Now the lesson is I won't put my Gundam on the edge again. You see the picture on the left, that's the edge of the stand.

That reminds me of the RG Papa Gundam's Action part........... So lazy to prepare the backdrop..... Maybe some time later.

...................... Anyhow, return to the HGUC "FA-78-3 Full Armor Gundam 7th"'s review. I spent about 6 hours for this unit, quite a long time I say. The next post will be the Action part and Impressions, I think I'll add some decals before taking the pictures. This Gundam is colorful, but still looks plain for my eyes. 
Here's the finished straight build.

OK then, c ya on the next post, thx for reading. 


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Gundam Gunso said...

Wow! I like the colours too, I also have one two although I haven't start on it yet. After reading your post, now I have the itch to make it my next project. XD

canopy said...

Hehehe, good luck on your FA7th buddy. Actually I plan to put out the stickers so it will be less colorful. :D

Ren n Tako! said...

wah.. ninja build! so many kits finished! haha.. i din know that hguc moulded their helmet wholly.. tts nice for pple who finds seam lines a sore.. and very nice pose on e last photo btw. ^^

and happy lunar new year! =D


canopy said...

Yo Ren, yeaa recent HGUC seems to have a one piece molded for the head. Oh the Papa Gundam, thx. :)

Happy CNY too, wish all of us got more wealth, health, and...... loots?! :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

This is the Gundam from Gundam Senki! Nice kit and I must say your Delta Plus caught my eyes too!

canopy said...

@Katsuden: Hey thanks for the info. :D
Yea nice kit, and it's quite cheap, worth it. :D

Christian Wijaya said...

Wait a sec! So this HGUC kit is really Full Armor only? Can't be separated into normal 7th Gundam?

canopy said...

Wow, I'm surprised that there are still visitors in this blog hahaha. Nope it can't be separated.

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