Saturday, January 8, 2011

RG RX78-2 Gundam Intro

Hohoho, it's finally Saturday!!! Woke up @ 2AM and couldn't sleep. Aiyah, why the internet conn is slow aah!! I'm currently taking a 5 days-off from the office, and already spent two of them.

Wait...... this is a gunpla review, "no complain2 ah". But I think in the "Intro" post, better express something before start blogging. Wanting to make this blog in a wider fashion, so the pics posted won't be so small, but I'll leave the old posts as it is.
You know, I have bad English, but it is sufficient to make the review tho'. It's just like the pictures can tell you what I mean hahahaha.

OK into business then. The RG aka Real Grade, is the new line of Bandai's Gunpla which goes in very deep detail but in 1/144 scale. The first one to get the RG treatment is the "Gundam", none other the very first Gundam that ever built, into the way that this can be called the PAPA GUNDAM.

A little preview pic of my already built RG Gundam. I was surprised that it takes one of my day off to build the complete RG. About 8 hours clean I'll say, I didn't count the time I spent to eat, bath, and poo.
It has 10, "TEN" runners, but with lots of part, that can make it about 13 runners for HG. Be prepared to have lots of time for this babe.
Such a bloody time I spent just to make a "Gundam". There goes my one day of life fufufu, no regret.....

A wee bit of teaser pics If you haven't build this one yet. As some of you might've known, the RG has its own inner frame that makes it super ultra flexible in doing some almost entirely ultra impossible poses in your usual 1/144 models..... *how come that it's a so long sentence....*

Hooo, tried to assemble the innerframe first..
I'll be posting the WIP and Action Part 1 as usual after doing this intro. Maybe morning, maybe afternoon, maybe evening, maybe the next day. Let'see what this baby can do.

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Ren n Tako! said...

lol.. you still finished it quite fast.. i took 2days to cut and remove all the parts. any plans for it? painting? decals? looking forward to your review.. ^^

canopy said...

Fufufu, I think I'll make the Papa Gundam into a toy, playing and playing. So no painting and decals for this babe haha. ^o^

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