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RG RX78-2 Gundam Review 1

Whoa, I think this is the first "WIP" (Work In Process) section in my reviews. Usually I'll just bundle all up in a "Act" section and just go. Maaan, this is my last days off, so after this post, it will be a "once a week" update.....  I guess....

Anyway in this part, more or less, I'll show you what's going on while building this babe.

As you can see the Real Grade (RG) RX78-2 Gundam's frame itself is quite short, shorter than the HGUC Hi-Nu Gundam.

For the humanoid inner frame form.You might want to pose it to test its articulation. But... I'd rather not, since the fresh frame is quite stiff. Imagine when you wrongly bent it, *snap*, I bet you'll be shouting bad words or at least shed a tear fufufufu.

Going a little back before assembling the frame. The RG RX78-2 comes with almost fully assembled inner frame as you can see in the picture.

The parts for the feet. As you can see....... There're lots of them, massive number of parts for feet at 1/144 scale.There are plenty of nubmarks, but we'll fix them later.

You see the feet after the assembly, looks like a MG's feet eh? The feet also have three bending points which make the coolness +10 of 100. It resembles the feet of MG Exia this way.

As soon as I assemble the feet, I soon realize that "This is not a HG Gundam boy! not a HG Gundam!".

The complexity and the amount of parts need to be cleaned is heck a lot. So instead I'll move to the weapons section first to easen my feeling... only to find... WHA?!!? The weapons also has lots of parts. But instead of the GRRR feeling, I feel the awesomeness in the weapons. You see the bazooka, and shield's color separation? Yea, we don't have to paint those, the separation is already perfect as it is.
The holes in the bazooka's cartridge makes it look very cool. Again coolness +10 from 100.

But... one thing I don't like is the beam rifle's color separation, that white handle is not cool at all, why can't Bandai just keep it gray.  Coolness -5 then.

The thumb and the first finger, each of them has their own ball joints, but not with the rest of the fingers. They are jointed with one ball joint only. Thing that I don't like about the finger joints is they are not securely placed, so it tends to fall when doing some hand poses.
You might think the hands are amazing as they have lots of joints, similar to the MG RX78-2 V2.0's. But wait till you use it for action poses..... they truly sucks!!! Coolness -5 again.

Oh btw, look at those nubmarks, I must be the MASTER OF NUBMARKS MAKING....., later later, bersih later lah. Huahahahaha.

Aaah going for the core fighter first. Okey, I'm getting used to the Real Grade (RG) parts, as usual there are lots of them. Most of them are for color separation purpose. When they are all assembled, you will see a beautiful core fighter in 1/144 size. If you have a GP series core fighter or S-Gundam's fighter, you'll see lots of difference in the beautiness hahaha.

The core fighter can be docked to the Gundam, just like one in the series. But I'd rather to make it as a display piece. Coolness +10.

Ah, the huge amount of decals. This new set of decal sheet has its gold foils on them, for shiny shiny purpose. 

.....I want to keep it plain. Somehow I feel that the Gundam is cooler that way. So.... you won't be seeing my RG decaled haha. It's just that I feel that the details a bit crowded with all the decals all over the body... Not into my style tho'.

Finally, I arrived at the leg section. Straight and simple, it is just like putting all the armor on the frame. After put it all together, I tried to bend the leg for the first time, and yea it's stiff stiff and stiff. The leg has so many color which I think is great to differ it from the usual 1/144 models. The way it put to the waist is the same with the MG's leg, so it'll offer crazier movement range than your usual HG.
Oh the one you see in the pic, actually the leg can bend more that that, almost 180 degrees I must say. As it bends, it will reveal the inner frame. Coolness +10 here, will be much exposed in the "Act" section.

Assembling the waist and torso. As usual, it has lots of parts for the color separation purpose. I'd say that with this much of color separation, even panel lining is not really necessary. Coolness +10 here.
Shoot..... I forgot to take the arms pics. Oh well, not that it matters, the arms also quite straight forward and offer a nice movement range.

Up to this point, I realize that some of the parts aren't securely placed, and those are :
  • The waist armors + sockets
  • The boosters on the backpack
  • The hand fingers + sockets
  • Even the shoulder connector quite easy to fall
  • The feet armors
  • The knees
  • Shield connector
You should use some kind of glue or double tape to make it tighter. 

The head, as you can see, the head vulcans, the faceplate, the side vents... they already have their own holes which reveals dark color so you won't have to panel line it anymore, a feature that I don't even see in MG lines (in my collection). Finally what is a Gundam without it v-fin and chin, so let's put it on. Coolness +15.

The completed forms of RG RX78-2 Gundam and the armaments. Can't wait to play with it after I've finished assembling this babe. So how much extra coolness that this babe has, let's see... it's about +60. So if the Gundam rated 90, then the coolness level will be around 150 hahaha, sweeett.

RX78-2 Gundam, SWITCH ON!!

Some height comparison with the 1/144 Gundams. It looks a bit taller than Stamen, but shorter than Hi-Nu, let alone Nu and Sazabi.

Finally.... hmm, my impressions on this babe will be in the "Act" section later on then. C ya!


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zackman said...

Hey, where's the review's continuity???

canopy said...

Oooh, hopefully soon. :)

Maseko said...

awesome build :)

canopy said...

@Maseko, thx maaan. :)

Anonymous said...

Good review canopy.

Hong said...

where's the figure, it was supposed to have a 1/144 Amuro Ray Figure in it!!!

canopy said...

@Hong, .... now that you mention it, OMG... where did Amuro go?? :D

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