Saturday, February 19, 2011

MG V-Dash Gundam Intro

Howdy, so how's life? Recently I got a V Gundam's fansub anime. Watched the opening song, and hey... the V Gundam is actually cool, like it. The transformation scene in the opening is smooth, with V-Dash already out in the first opening, unlike Zeta which came out in the second opening. Hey... this is a 1993's anime, that makes it about 17 years now. Can't believe they already designed this babe back then.

So then I remembered I have a V-Dash in stock, and immediately grab it out. I got this unit for a sale, around USD50 I think, before X'Mas.

The box itself has a size about MG Gundam MkII Ver 2.0's box. As usual of Ver. Ka's boxes, the theme is white with your usual Gundam standing pose. Even though the box size is quite big, I heard that the finished product is quite small, smaller than the F91.

Look at the number of the runners, there surely lots of them. WooOOoo, this is delicious, more runners is always great, as long the parts are necessary. I saw two v-fin and several similar body parts, wonder what's that for...

The manual shows that it can be converted into Hexa mode, interesting. And.... as expected from Ver. Ka's model, the decal's amount is massive, while I can't really understand why most of them are reds. Maybe it'll make the decal putting 3 times faster......
All for all, I think this gonna be tough unit to build for an office worker like me. Have experience from building this unit? Care to share? Hehehe.

Well, c ya then on the V-Dash Gundam WIP.



zackman said...

There are 4 v-fins, you can build 4 core fighters from this one.

canopy said...

Oh yeah, there are 4 of them. Hahahaha, I'm surprised that we could get so many Core Fighters in this model, complete with the body and heads.

Just a bit trivia from the series :
Chapter 1 = originally chapter 4
Chapter 2 = originally chapter 1
Chapter 3 = originally chapter 2
Chapter 4 = originally chapter 3

I was rather confused when I first watched the series.

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