Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RG RX78-2 Gundam Review 2

Hahaha, finally post this Papa Gundam's Act 1 section. It's almost a month I think, from the day I built this unit. It's just, I was too lazy to set the backdrop for the photo shooting section. Even after I took some pictures of the RG RX78-2, I still think that this unit could pose better than the one in this post. So maybe an second photo session for this unit later on.

Some of the pics seems to be having problem with the white balance, maybe I'll adjust that later too. Well then, enjoy the pics folks.

At this point, I think I forgot to take the RG Gundam's picture from the backside.

I personally think the bazooka looks better for this unit than the rifle / beam saber.

Standard Gundam pose, if you can't do this pose then you're not a Gundam.

As for my impressions to this unit :

Pros :
  • This RG RX78-2 Gundam has great color separations, which come from the so many parts that molded in various colors. For someone as lazy as me, it's a good news since I don't have to paint it anymore. Nice.
  • Many tiny parts included, not sure if it's a good news for some of you folks. Sharp v-fin maaan.
  • Articulations almost the same with recent MGs. The inner frame enables this unit to pull out some crazy bending that surpass the HG's. Careful in handling the inner frame, it could break if you bent it in a wrong way.
  • Great decal set which I don't use hahaha.
  • The shield has a nice gimmick.
  • The weight is so light and stable... not sure if this is a pro.
  • Great for display, GFF stance seems very nice for me, the core fighter also nice.
  • Feel the greatness of RG gunpla tech in your palm.

Cons :
  • "Not so good" hands, so hard to use it for posing or holding the bazooka / rifle / beam saber firmly. The fingers pop up frequently.
  • So many armors parts are not securely placed so they pop up easily when doing the poses. You won't find this problem if you only put the RG into GFF stance mode. 
  • Hard to play with it, many parts just pop up and fall.Some glue or double tape could help.
  • Beam saber... too long maaan, it feels really awkward seeing it with its default beam saber. Might as well use the normal HG size beam saber.

And that concludes my first photo session for RG RX78-2 Gundam.
C ya on the next post.


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Ren n Tako! said...

nice poses! really liked them.. very dynamic. im oso VERY VERY lazy to set up the photo booth.. cos im still using the table for my current projects.. and CNY jus passed. very tired. lolx. so hopefully i can find the time and energy to take some photos to update my progress. heh. looking forward to your next session! ^^


canopy said...

Hola, thanks Ren. Fufu, same2 here, I also use my table for both the projects, photo booth, and sometimes my notebook. Good luck in the Rabbit Year there, and congrats for the King Kazumaaa! :D

divinelight said...

nice shoots and angle.

RG is nice, really nice, will you take the RG Strike Gundam too?

zackman said...

Nice canopy, you finally finished this one. XD Planning on putting the decals?

canopy said...

@divinelight : Haha thx. Definitely gonna get the RG Strike! :D :D Love the RG series.

@zackman : Hey dude, thx. I'm gonna apply the decals, but maybe not all of them.

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