Sunday, March 6, 2011

HGUC Hi-Nu Gundam Act 1 : V-Dash Weapons

Hahaha, after I built the MG V-Dash weapons, this HGUC Hi-Nu just happen to be in front of me. Intrigued, I tried to put them to the Hi-Nu. Surprisingly they fit very well hahaha.

V-Dash's weapons are small enough, I think they can fit to almost all the HGUC lines, just be reminded to have set of hands that have large hole. In this case I use the HGUC Stamen's hands which fit very well too.

The Beam Smartgun

The Gatling Gun

All the pics are from the right side of Hi-Nu, hahaha I just love to take the pics from this angle. Maybe I'll take it from various angles in another photo session.

Yaa gotta meditate for a while, cya then...



Gundam Gunso said...

Haha... A big plus to Hi-Nu Gundam's firepower!!! XD

heathorn said...

Cool! The beam gun blends in with hinu, while the gatling doesn't seem to work so well IMO.

Tom said...

You should get a Core Booster for the V-Dash, and give it to this Hi-Nu. :D
It'll be known as Hi-Nu XHWS (Extra Heavy Weapons System)

canopy said...

Hahaha. :D
@Gunso : Yep, imagine that Hi-Nu use the beamgun with 50more years ahead technology.
@heat : Yea, the gatling gun seems to be... out of Hi-Nu's place, but nevertheless it is fun to put it there.
@Tom : Haha :D, noted.

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