Saturday, March 5, 2011

MG V-Dash Gundam Review 1

Maaan, it's been a long time since the last time I build an MG (Master Grade it is). Well, this prove to be quite a challenge since I usually build HGs. I planned to build all four core fighters on the first day, but after seeing how much time that I spend to make just one (it's about 3 hours), it will be change of plan..... I think weapons and other small things first hahaha.

Here's a glimpse of V-Dash's Beam Smartgun.

So, the V-Dash comes with 4 v-fins, 4 core fighters, and lots of decals. That's quite unique, I mean, usually there's only one core fighter per model. When I see it deeper to the manual, I think V-Dash don't have an independent inner frame / skeleton, so don't expect to see it pose with the skeleton only.
There's only a few PC parts here, makes it feel like the MG F91.
The decals itself mostly consist of the red alerts and warnings, maaan it will be such a pain to put it all to the model.

Our melee armaments, consist of 2 beam sabers, 1 expanded beam saber, a shield, and a broom....

Seriously... why the javelin looks a lot like a broom... You can use it to make V-Dash fly with it just like Harry Potter hahaha. :D At first glance, I thought that the expanded beam could be combined with the javelin though, and it will be a complete broom.

Now here's the main highlight of this part of review, the mid and long range weapons..

We got a beam smartgun (the very first picture in this post), a gatling gun, 2 beam cannons, 2 missile pods, 2 disposable bazooka, and 2 beam rifles. Just look at those parts in the above pictures, that's a lot dude hahahaha.
The assembly itself is quite easy, just follow the instructions and voila you got your weapons. The hard part here is due to the massive number of parts that make the nub cleaning process such a PITA.
Oh for some notes here, the parts are separated in some independent parts, so that we can do the painting easier.

And... here are the completed sets of V-Dash's weapons, takes about 5 hours to finish them all. I'd say that they are quite cool. At this point, somehow I see that the weapons are small, small enough to be fitted to my HGUC Hi-Nu that happen to be taking its display turn on my desk.
*Yea, since my desk is small, each of my models has its turn to be displayed on the desk.

The coolest weapons here, I'd say the Beam Smartgun and the Gatling Gun hehehe, love them.

And... that concludes the first part of V-Dash Gundam's WIP.
Well, cya then, hohoho....


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