Sunday, June 26, 2011

HGUC Delta Plus Review 1

Howdy gunpla lovers, canopy's back from the long break hahaha (before going for another break... err....).
This one, this post... Well I know that the HGUC Delta Plus is kinda "not new" now, but oh well, still I want to share about this babe.

Actually I've already finish this at January 16th 2011, but Delta Plus didn't get enough love from me at the time.
Planned to paint it gold, but immediately cancel it due to the house circumstances.
I was only cutting and leave the nubmarks be, and then after transformed it into its Wave Rider Mode, I just put it in the box. This was because of at that time, my son (the baby) was sleeping beside me when I was building it (the table for building gunpla was beside my son's bed). So I put extra caution for not doing any sound.

So yesterday, I just happen to take out the Delta Plus's box, and found this unit inside. Further inspection, I found that this unit is really really heavily infested with the nubmarks. So while everyone asleep, I take this unit outside and start "unsnap" all of the components and clean it from scratch.

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