Sunday, June 26, 2011

HGUC Delta Plus Review 1

Howdy gunpla lovers, canopy's back from the long break hahaha (before going for another break... err....).
This one, this post... Well I know that the HGUC Delta Plus is kinda "not new" now, but oh well, still I want to share about this babe.

Actually I've already finish this at January 16th 2011, but Delta Plus didn't get enough love from me at the time.
Planned to paint it gold, but immediately cancel it due to the house circumstances.
I was only cutting and leave the nubmarks be, and then after transformed it into its Wave Rider Mode, I just put it in the box. This was because of at that time, my son (the baby) was sleeping beside me when I was building it (the table for building gunpla was beside my son's bed). So I put extra caution for not doing any sound.

So yesterday, I just happen to take out the Delta Plus's box, and found this unit inside. Further inspection, I found that this unit is really really heavily infested with the nubmarks. So while everyone asleep, I take this unit outside and start "unsnap" all of the components and clean it from scratch.

The torso parts,well there isn't anything fancy going on here. The white extra parts is kinda nice to add the color variation. As for the head, well there's no v-fin here, it's not a Gundam. I chose white as the eyes color in my initial build. Later on I realized that red is more appealing though, and switch into the red color.

The wing, quite standard since it's only molded in one color. It has two movable wings in each side.
As for the shield, it will be used as the Wave Rider's nose later on.
The rifle is quite long, longer than the usual rifle as in the Hi-Nu, Nu, X, or whatsoever Gundam.

The arms' parts, things that interesting here is where the arms are not connected to the torso via ball joints. The connectors in the torso allow the arms to be moved freely backward and forward.
One that's quite irritating is the shoulder's armor. It is formed by two pieces (front and back), which make the seamlines and nubmarks truly.. ruly.. visible... I hate that...

The feet are your usual feet for transformable mobile suit, and... Delta Plus' feet are long.
Now the legs, the parts to make up the legs is quite much. That's due to the inner frame even though it's only a High Grade gunpla.
HGUC Delta Plus actually gives us two pair of hands (one for Rifle, one for beam saber, two for closed hands), but somehow I missed the one to hold beam saber somewhere in the boxes, maybe gonna search it in the other time...

Now then... let's continue to the completed build for each body parts.

The torso, nice color separation, even though almost all of them are of dark colors. The head could move freely here, so it's nice.
As for the waist, it's actually quite detailed even though it is of the same colors all over. The legs will be connected to the waist through ball connectors, which makes the movement of the leg limited.

The arms, they could only bend as far as you see in the above picture. And in the picture to the right, you could see the hideous seamlines, as well as the nubmarks (which actually because of my lack of skill in cleaning those)...
But anyhow, the detail is quite nice for the arms, not as simple as the usual gunpla which consist of two parts and then snapped into one.

Now this one is interesting, the Delta Plus has its own inner frame for the legs. And since there are no extra armors between the legs and the feet, the range of the feet could move is remarkably wide. You'll see later in one of the pics.

The feet, yea as I said before the are long. And for the leg, it could bend well... about 135 degrees  I guess, that would be fun to pose it. As you can see, the legs are unique since they reveal the inner frames here.
I don't really use any of the stickers... except the one for the eyes and head...

Then... let's combine all those parts into one, GATTAI!!!!

Tadaaa!!!! This is the complete form of the Delta Plus. (Son Gokou pose)
Just kidding...

Haha, the Delta Plus without the shoulder armor, waist armor, and knee armor.
One thing that is quite interesting for me, I reminds me to Megatron from Transformers' movie... somehow.

Now here's the real one, Delta Plus... without wings... Nice unit isn't it. Sharp, quite muscular, and proportional. The time I've cleaned all the nubmarks, this babe has my love for it.

Wait, wrong emo..

Aahh.... again, the sexy legs....

Some extra poses that I take to test its articulation and movement range. The feet movement range is interesting cause it could move freely without the feet armor limitation.

Now I'm tempted to take the Action photos of Delta Plus. But before that happen, I think I'll add some decals to this babe... let's see..... I think this Musha Gundam Mk-II's water slide decals will do. It has lots of white decals which is perfect for Delta Plus' dark color.

Oh and hey.... I managed to clean the Victory Gundam and apply the decal on it. Not every each of the decals though, since I think it would be too crowded with those red markings.

Well, that's all for now. Cya on the next post!!



Tom said...

It seems everyone builds Gunpla next to their kids these days lol. You gonna get the MG version?

Gundam Gunso said...

Definitely the red eyes look better than the white... XD

canopy said...

@Tom: Hahaha, need to pass this hobby to the kids eh? :D Definitely gonna get the MG one.
@Gunso : Yep, red is better for sure.

bd77 said...

The only thing turns me off with this kit is the shield's beam cannon and beam saber placements. :(
Ah, you've chosen red for the eyes. More... menacing. >D
Me, I'd be sticking to the ReZEL-C. =D

canopy said...

@bd77: Aye aye sir, one HG ReZEL-C ready to be unboxed. :D

chubbybots said...

Nice write up on the delta! Red is a nice choice for the eyes i must say ^^

LuminoX said...

Interesting, but the V-Dash seems more interesting for me. Nice review by the way.. :)

gunpla-fenrir said...

Hmm, maybe I should try to write a gunpla blog too, looks like fun. ¬_¬ agree with luminox, V-Dash looks good, waiting for that...

canopy said...

@LuminoX: V-Dash is good, great gunpla I must say.
@gunpla-fenrir: Hahaha, make one then. :D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I'm waiting for the MG version and will welcome more backlog. Ha! Ha! Nice review there...

canopy said...

Haha, I'm also waiting for the MG, seems promising. XD boxart also looks badass!! XD

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