Sunday, July 31, 2011

HGUC Unicorn Gundam Review 1

Hohoho, so it's Sunday evening, tomorrow will be working as usual, *yawn, so sleepy . Last Saturday, I spent some of my time to build this unit. I'm talking about the HGUC Unicorn here, the Unicorn mode...

I know that the HGUC Unicorn has been out for a long time, I even saw some reviews back then around late 2009. *Yes, it was two years ago. Now then, aside from that, rather than a thorough review I just want to express my awe to this babe. Here we go then...

First of all, the reason I bought this unit, it's just coincidental. I went to my local hobby shop, searching for something (gunpla that is), my pick could be random whether it is a D-Arts Rockman X, HG X Divider, or an RG Strike Gundam. Somehow I picked HG Unicorn, cause it was rather cheap, around US$18 / IDR150,000 I think.

I checked out in the net about what's special in this unit. Surprisingly not, almost all the reviews said good things about this Unicorn dude. Many of them saying about how detailed this kit will be, despite its cheap price. So then I tried to build one myself of course.

Let's start with the body and head. The body... only contain two colors, what's so good about this is the spruemarks really really less visible, not to say that some of the spruemarks are hidden beneath the other parts.
As for the head, not many parts here, you only have to put one green foil sticker for the eye visor. I tried to sharpen the horn, looks better when sharp in my opinion.
So far my thought for this is, the parts are snap and fit very nicely, almost no visible seamline.

Now the arms and hands. The arms, as you can see in the above picture, has lots of parts. That means the arms is not made from two parts sandwiched into one. That's good news.
And then the hands, we got five hands here, pretty generous of Bandai. Let the picture to describe what's the purpose of those hands.
I like the hand part that's used for holding either the Beam Magnum Rifle or Hyper Bazooka, as it is very firm when holding either of them.

Unicorn's feet is perfect I'd say, there were lots of spruemarks on the parts, but all of them are surprisingly *again* hidden after all the parts snapped into one component. Feet are big, but looks good on Unicorn. One other thing that I like is the feet color separation. Let's see that later.
The legs..... wow, there sure lots of surprise here. The color separation for the gray parts are great, Bandai really gives us some mercy for painting these parts. The legs contain lots of parts, but those are for adding the details only, it would be no fun if it's only two parts snapped into one isn't it..

The waist, not much to say other than the good color separation here.
Backpack? It has a hole to mount either the Beam Magnum Rifle, Hyper Bazooka, or the Shield.
It's good, but the saber hilts have the tendencies to fall when Unicorn is shook too hard.....
Hey what am I shaking this unit for??

Ah the shield, it's simple, really. But something that I like it here is that the shield could be mounted to the backpack, or on the back arm. That's quite different from the other HGs I've built so far.

The beam magnum rifle...... NO, you don't get it with this unit. You should get this separately from the HGUC Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode). What the... I just buy the Destroy Mode just to get this rifle. Hahaha, I think Bandai got me on this one, cause I love the Unicorn Mode holding the rifle, and the cartridge also looks nice on Unicorn's waist.
But anyway, the beam magnum is simple, the main body only consists two parts snapped into one... as opposed to the other parts of the Gundam, which contains lots of parts. But don't get disappointed now, it actually looks good enough, see above picture.

The hyper bazooka, ah this one.. Even though it only mold in one color, the details really impressed me. The bazooka has two modes, one is long, the other is short. Both of those mode could be mounted to the backpack, and arms.

Now... Ready to assemble all the parts? Fufufu let's go!!!

The completed model is definitely gorgeous, proportion is excellent, color separation is also excellent (it's a almost an all white Gundam though), design is very nice, and extras+weapons also look great (you should get the Beam Magnum Rifle from the Destroy Mode).
I could just stop and stare it all the time if only I wasn't scolded by my wife hahaha. I'll let the above pictures do the talk.

As for summary, after made this unit myself, I'd say that this one is pretty even without the panel line or coloring. One advice though, you could use the standard grey Gundam Marker to perfectly hide the spruemarks. *Works like Magic*

Finally, I think the HGUC Unicorn Gundam in Unicorn Mode, is really worthy to get. If you happen to see this unit, and you don't have yet. Don't hesitate to get it!!
Build it, and enjoy.

Cya next time then, *yawn* go to sleep....

canopy ZzzzZzzzz


Tom said...

Hey, that's how much Unicorn Mode cost at my hobby store too! Well, before they had a price increase on every Gunpla... T.T

Killian said...

Very good detail...

canopy said...

Hehey, yesyes, price increase is annoying.
But hey, that means the price in US is about the same with here.

Oh hi, thanks. :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Never too late to review on this kit. I posted on the HG Unicorn Gundam Destroy mode after the 2nd episode too! Hee! Hee! I like the nice clean look of it in Uncorn mode.

canopy said...

Haha, I guess so, there are people like me who found this beauty after some time. XD

Anton said...

Good site, good luck. :)

canopy said...

Hello there Anton, thx for visiting. :)

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