Monday, July 25, 2011

Passion for Macro Photography

Well, a month goes by, really... it's that fast...

Last month I was thinking about "I won't post anything, till I find how to take the photos better..".
And up till now, I haven't got the clue 'bout that... Hahaha, just haven't got the time prioritized to research on that.
For people who cares to read what I'm babbling about, here it is... :D

I got couple of wishes which I want to obtain,
talking about Macro Photography here.
1. Complete Darkness Background
I was thinking how to make the complete darkness behind the gunplas, so the background would be perfect to my taste.
This way I think the POI (Point of Interest) could be focused on the object.
Not to say that the black Action Base could be quite unseen ("invisible") from some angles.

Haha, some attempt to hide the action base of my MG F91 Gundam. And also the previously taken RG Original Gundam's photo.

In fact, I think no matter how good the paint and modification is on the models, the photogenic factor also play an important role here in showing the models greatness.
So yeah, great pictures alone of unpainted gunplas, could be an eye candies too. :D

Pure black background is easy, but to combine it with fine details on front objects is a different thing.

2. Pure White Background
Yea, beside the complete darkness, I also wanna find how to make the pure white background. I think this background best suited for the dark colored models,
although the bright one could also look great with this background.

But this background would look bad if we use the black Action Base. Just see this example on HGUC FA-78-3 Full Armor Gundam 7th Review 2
For the white one, I think clear Action Base would fit here.

White background also has some advantage to show some background gradation effect, see this example.
Left : MG Victory Gundam, with background gradation effect
Right : MG Victory Gundam, almost pure white background
Bottom : HGUC Delta Plus, dark objects with white background

3. Sharp Object Details
Of course, in Macro Photography, the small object details also matters.
I want to make the focus as sharp as possible. But on the other hand, sharp details on the whole picture would also nice.My current skill (or equipment maybe??) doesn't allow me to make such feat, pity me..

Just see Master Keita's works, aside from his great gunpla modeling skills, his photography skill is also top notch. Check this

4. White Balance, No Shadow, and Other Effects, the Perfection
White Balance become quite a problem, since the overexposure will hinder us from seeing the "supposed to be there" details.
The No Shadow? Hahaha, I mean that the models could have no shadow at all.
Can't understand what I mean? Just forget it then. :D
And here's the example of the white balance thing, we got an overexposure around the helmet here.

5. Angle, Angle, and Angel
Enough said, the great pose combined with great angle could make the gunplas most appealing. Agree? Of course hahaha.
Some gunplas could pull off some crazy poses, and with good angle, the gunpla's charm become better. I kinda like the kneeling RG pose here.

With all those wishes come true, I think my photography skill will come into a whole new level hahaha.
And hey, it should be learned, not just waiting for the wishes come true. Ora et labora!!

Actually, this one also makes me wonder, why this post Broken HG Gunplas part 1 got into my top 3, I wonder if the title is misleading though.

And that's for now, back to work then. :D :D
(Yes, I'm ninja blogging here)



Ren n Tako! said...

woo.. ren here! nice post abt photography.. its all these factors tt really bothers me when posting abt my gunplas.. T.T sigh. i can take one whole day just to take photos, even tho i only have a digital cam, to get the 'woah' shots.. those photos are really nice. but now im too busy to do that... only tako has the time to do that when she ninja post like you.. LOL. im jus happy to do my gunplas whenever i have time.. and a few comments here and there.. heh. see you ard! =)

Tom said...

The second part of Gunpla enjoyment is a lot more demanding then doing the actually model haha.

David John Shewsbury said...

wow, you are quite talented with your photography setup... excellent... those Gundams looks awesome... i think both white and black have its own advantage, u just need to choose 1 over another sometimes...

canopy said...

Hiya Ren, long time no see your posts XD. Agree, time is really tight that I need to steal some from my officehour.... (Sorry Boss, I'll still get your projects done in time XD XD)
And gotta agree with Tako that your room could become a shop now hahahaha :D

Haha, there's some satisfaction from making the 'woah' shots. :D

Whoa.. thanks David, I'm still learning from everybody now. :D One thing that I'm quite curious is how to make the mirror effect like Keita's, some photo-editing tools maybe..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I like this technic and often used them on my pics. Thx for sharing.

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