Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post Amuro UC Gundams

Despite the long war happened in the earlier UC series, the war still continues onward up till almost a century later. Amuro, along with his famous Nu Gundam say bye-bye to the Gundam world in Char's Counterattack.
But nevertheless, Gundams still exists even after his death.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

HGUC RX93 Nu Gundam Review 1

First of all, I think the gunpla modeling world is interesting. Each modeler has their own way to make their gunplas more appealing.
Some fellows choose to paint their gunpla according to the original scheme, panel line, or do some modifications.And some other fellows choose to paint their gunpla in different schemes, or even making dioramas.

For that case, I choose just to make a clean build on my gunpla, no panel line, no paint, and whatsoever, although usually it's not as clean as I want...
As for this babe, the HGUC Nu Gundam, it's the second HG unit which got my special treatment to put decals on it (The first being the FA7th Gundam). Yep, I choose to make my gunpla more appealing through decals.
This treatment basically because it's one of the first HGs which astonished me with the good look.

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