Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post Amuro UC Gundams

Despite the long war happened in the earlier UC series, the war still continues onward up till almost a century later. Amuro, along with his famous Nu Gundam say bye-bye to the Gundam world in Char's Counterattack.
But nevertheless, Gundams still exists even after his death.

These three fellows are the next generation Gundams, which is significantly smaller than the last Gundam exists (the last one is the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam). Started with F91 Gundam (right) which is piloted by Seabook Arno, and Crossbone Gundam (center) which is initially piloted by him too, and then by Tobia Arronax. And so the story continues to the Victory Gundam (left) which is piloted by Uso Evin, also known as the V-Type here.
Being the prototypes, the Gundams usually bear more advanced technology than your usual grunts. (Sorry grunts ^_^)
Oh they are Master Grades by the way.

OK OK, back to canopy here..

I've recently finished my other gunpla here, as usual OOB / Straight Build of Crossbone Gundam. I didn't take any pictures of the WIP, and just enjoyed the building process here. Hey it's actually fun for just concentrating in making this Crossbone without bothered by the photography stuffs hahaha.It takes me about total 15 hours to make the Crossbone as clean as possible and applied the decals as well.
Anyway, one word to describe this unit after completion.... BEAUTIFUL....

Hmmm, something is missing, without panel line and color, the charm is lacking here. Some color is not anime accurate that it needs more painting... What the ****, shame on you Bandai, this is a Master Grade kit hey!!!
Oh well but that is given for this unit only cost 3500 yen.
OK... let's save extra review for another post.

After I got the Crossbone on my hand, I feel that the I've finally completed the collection Post Amuro Gundams.... Well not until that the Unicorn Gundam barged in, which make me have to buy another one (I think I'll be getting the Unicorn OVA version later on).
I love these three being together, have the same size they are.

Ah, added these two pictures of Crossbone recently. Haha this is one of the reason why I love the Crossbone, so dynamic in posing, so photogenic. (Well, but the joints are rather loose after playing with it, can fix that later though... ^_^!)

Oh and this, I'm really looking forward for this new MS from Advance of Zeta. It's piloted by Amuro by the way. It looks cool to me, simple, and yet so "UC" here.

Honestly, I'm in love with the gunpla models from the UC timeline here hahaha.
(That explains why all the reviews here are from the UC era)
(Amuro's next Gundam picture taken from Gundam Guy.)

Hehehe well then, cya on another post then.



Tom said...

I like all the Gundams so far, with the exception of Double Zeta, Ground Gundam, Ex-8, and depending on my mood, Shining, and Double X.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

These Gundams are cool but their pilots don't have the legacy of Amuro Ray who's like a Gundam god-like new-type. Those are some nice Gundam kits you have!

Gundam Gunso said...

These three are all Gundam types, but the differences between them are vast, highlighting their individual characteristics XD

canopy said...

The ZZ, well as for me, the design is a bit...... impractical for battle, I wonder if that's the case.

Hahaha, maybe that's because Amuro was involved in wars so many years. ^_^

Now that you mention it, I wonder what's the main characteristic of Crossbone, haven't really read the manga....

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