Monday, October 24, 2011

The Bloody Unicorn Gundam : Review 1

Well, if you're asking what's with the title....... It's not about the red psychoframe that I'm gonna expose in this HGUC Unicorn. Oh for you guys who doesn't know, this is HGUC Unicorn Gundam - Destroy Mode we are seeing here, priced around 1800 Yen.

Back again, the "bloody" thing actually comes from the blood I spill on this guy...

No, really, my thumbs got sliced twice and the index finger once. When I was cleaning some of the Unicorn parts, I didn't realized that the blood spills through the panel line especially in the head and the feet parts.
Quite hard to clean, so I have to use the water and toothpick to clean them.

But then again, put aside the "bloody" thing, actually when I was in the middle in cleaning this kit parts, I thought that Unicorn Destroy has some frame in it, so let's try to make it stand without the white armors.

Now let's see how the process goes, resulting the above picture of Unicorn Gundam.

First of all, when building this kit, make sure to have the markers like shown in the picture. A dark blue / dark cobalt blue, a grey, and a red Gundam marker.

These markers surely work, for hiding the sprue marks that is.
Talking about sprue marks, one good thing about this kit, is that almost every sprue marks will be hidden by its white armors. And the white parts are easier to clean than the colored one. That's one good thing here.

And anyway, that green cutting mat is the mat for building kits, I've never showed it before hehe.

As for the torso, it's my first assembled part, some kind of amazement feeling when I finished this part. Mainly because it's an HG, but very nicely detailed..... Except for the shoulder vulcans though, it should have been white for some parts. But can't complain, actually looks nice if you ignore the color accuracy hehehe.

And for the backpack, as you can see above, it's very-very-very highly detailed. There's a slot in the center of the backpack to anchor either the Beam Magnum, Shield, or Bazooka. And then, the markers start their magic here.

Well the head, like the previous parts, it is detailed and has lots of panel line potential, I don't like panel lining though.... Continue, continue, continue....
As for the back of the v-fin is supposed to be white. Here, I prefer the v-fin molded in white, as it is easier to paint the yellow to the white surface, but oh well.
The eye sticker somehow couldn't stick firmly, mostly because of the v-fin holder that press the space between the eyes.

Now here is where I decide to experiment whether this Unicorn Gundam can stand by its pyschoframe alone. As you can see, for the arms it is indeed possible to use the psychoframe alone to form the arms. 
As for the completed parts, it is formed by lots of white parts. Nice arms that we got here. 
The color separation is great here I'd say.

And yes, I smiled here.

HGUC Unicorn Destroy Mode, comes with only 3 hands, one set for the normal hands which can be used for holding the beam sabers, and one right hand for holding the Beam Magnum or Bazooka (included in the Unicorn Mode).
The Unicorn Mode, comes with 1 more set of hands, which is the open hands for action purpose.

So up till here, I think it's better to grab both the Destroy and Unicorn Mode to complete the equipments and handsets.

And hey!!!! There are no beam sabers included in this kit, what the?!?!?!

Hahaha, but never mind, if you're a HG collector, you must be having several beam saber clear parts in your possession.

Ah almost forgot about the feet parts... I'd say the sprue marks in the blue parts of the feet is the most annoying, since they came with such a big marks. As for the rest, it is as good as the other parts. Oh yeah, the soles come in gray.

Well....., will be continuing this on the next post,
got to sleep now hahaha, cya.


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