Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Bloody Unicorn Gundam : Review 2

Continuing from the last post, what I'm gonna share here is about the possibility of using only the semi innerframe (which is the psychoframe) for the Unicorn Gundam to stand, which resulting the picture shown below. As for the arms parts, it is indeed possible.... But what about the rest of the parts? Let's see...

I assembled the parts according to the sequence of the manual, so here we go, the leg parts. As you can see the lower leg is really well made. Up to this point, I'm starting to feel to compare it with the MG version. As far as I look into other fellow blogger's review, the design and the color are surprisingly the same.

While the arms could be formed by its own psychoframe, the legs could not. The innerframe should be supported by some of its white armors to be formed into one piece of leg. But nevertheless, there's much red to be exposed here, so quite okay.

I haven't show it here, but the leg has limited range of bending, but again, it has a potential for the modification, I'll show it later.

And the thigh, the most boring parts of the Unicorn. Oh, the innerframe, it can't be separated, so it has to remain in its actual form.

The waist, more special than your usual HG because of its design and number of parts. Look at the side armors, it even has some great color accuracy. Nice one.

For the backside of the waist, the armors somehow fell quite easily, not placed securely enough.

Now that all the body parts for the Unicorn Gundam are ready, let's get them ASSEMBLED!!!

...... after assembling the weapon and shield of course hehehe.

Ah yes, the Beam Magnum, the weapon used by the Unicorn Gundam... So powerful, but almost always missed when facing Full Frontal's Sinanju.

In the HGUC version, it came with simplistic parts, that consists two parts capped into one, and adding here and there for the magnum's mouth, etc etc. The cartridge should have been blue though.

The picture speak for itself.

The last part of this Unicorn Gundam is the shield. The shield looks nice, more than your average HGUC shield. Like the rest of the parts, color separation is the plus point here.

Now, into the whole ASSEMBLY!!! Hennsshiiiin!!!

Now this is the fresh build.... As you can see, the torso, arms, and feet could expose the psychoframe pretty much. While the legs and waist still have to be supported by other parts. Even the head could expose some of the red, but too risky though.

Hahaha, it finally come to this point. The bazooka, and the open left palm come from the Unicorn Mode, so don't get confused. And whoaa, I haven't snapped the Beam Magnum tightly, see the seams in the Beam Magnum? Shame of me hahaha.

The fresh build's proportion itself is quite weird to my taste. So I decided to add some of the white armor parts, resulting the above four pictures. Kinda unique I say, considering the normal Unicorn - Destroy Mode is already common.

I'll leave my Unicorn Gundam in this state then, hehehe.

Oh for the two last pictures, I was just trying to set different shutter speed. The upper one is used with 1/125s, while the other one is using 1/318s with brighter / closer lighting.

That's all for the WIP, let's see the articulation and movement range (as well as the mod) next, cya.



Jacques said...

I like what you have done so far, it's original and very creative of you. I've decided to follow what you've done for my incomplete Unicorn Gundam, I hope you don't mind ^^'

I look forward to your next phase of modification.

canopy said...

Oh thank you Jacques. :)
The modification will be..... concluded in the next post hahaha.

flex said...

I thought it was Astray Red Frame when I look at it. Nice review.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

This kit is unique in a way it has some degree of complexity for a HG and well crafted out in projecting the psychoframe. I had review this before and it stands taller than most other HG MS.

canopy said...

@Flex: Hmmm, from afar I think so too. Thanks.

@Dennis: Yep, it is indeed taller and more complex than the usual HG, the good thing is that it isn't that expensive too. :D

bd77 said...

Tempted to get this but...

knowing Bandai AND there's the upcoming ep 5 of the OVA... I'll be waiting for the HGUC Banshee. =D

And yes, the Destroyer Mode HGUC is very complex compared to other HGUC kits.

mitama said...

Just got the HGUC Destroy Unicorn, it is true a nice Gundam.

Yureka said...

Interesting, the Unicorn looks nicer this way. I also tried this one in my Unicorn.

canopy said...

@bd: And yes, the Bandai already published the mocking pictures for the Banshee hehehehe. :D But I wonder why the Banshee's horn color seems to be off in the pictures...

@mitama: Nice it is hahaha.

@Yureka: Glad you like it too. :D

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