Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Unicorn Gundam Modification : Review 3

Hey, how are you guys hahahaha. It is almost the end of the year, and there are many IT projects to be implemented here, speaking about achievements hahaha. How about your activities there?

So, in this post I'll sum up what I did, the modification of the HGUC Unicorn Gundam - Destroy Mode. This guy is "un-"surprisingly modifiable...... (I wonder modifiable is even the correct word)
Then, let's start with it....

Well yes, the one I modified here are the legs.

As you can see from the first picture above, that is the limit of its legs can bend... Limiting the potential pose for this guy. On the second picture you can see the cause of Unicorn's limited range for bending.

So, actually you can cut the part as shown in the picture above. The result is.... it can bend up to 180 degrees. But I call it a false mod, the reason is........

When we attach the armor on the back of its legs, the bending range become limited again. It is better than before.... but still a little more bending would be perfect.
So let's mod that hindering armor. You should really compare the last picture above with the next picture to see the difference.

See the differences?

You see, I cut the upper part from the back leg armor which resulting the picture above.
Try to be careful when cutting these parts, any over-cut will result in bad shape of the armor.
Man, I think I should use some pointing tools for these pictures,.... Any suggestion for the softwares? 

And Tada!!!

The result is, the like the pictures above. The Unicorn Gundam's legs now can bend up to 145 degrees, that should be enough.
So then, what good is it for this mod?

And yes, the famous basic Gundam pose.... With rifle shooting toward the screen...

Some poses become more dynamic with this mod, and in fact the mod isn't really visible or damaging your Unicorn Gundam. So I think it's worth the effort, try it.

And done for the modification, now I'm getting ready to move to my new residence.
Cya on the next post!



Khaidir said...

Nice mods on the Legs O_O also Really like the last photo bwhahahahha xD any other plans on the unicorn? My Unicorn Destroy mode followed like the GPB color ^^

Jacques said...

I really like the last picture that you posted. How did you do the effects for the reflection at the bottom? Photoshop, or using real water?

LEon said...

Good mod. It is always good for more articulation for gundam.

Tom said...

Not bad. Pretty soon it'll be like the RD Unicorn!

canopy said...

@Khaidir : I "planned" to paint some of the white parts with red... some kinda Astray RF scheme I guess.

@Jacques : Thanks :), it was done with ACDSee actually.

@LEon : yup, all the better for HG. :D

@Tom : Fufufufu, not as sexy as its RD counterpart. :D

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