Monday, December 26, 2011

HGUC Z Gundam Review 1

Merry Wonderfuller Christmas 2011!!!

Like stated from my previous post, I was thinking what should I do next, whether it is the Hrairoo, Victory Gundam, or Zeta Gundam. Well......, since the Hrairoo is not available yet in the local store (with reasonable price), I guess I'll just go with the Zeta Gundam.

Then here we go!!
This is.... the HGUC Zeta / Z Gundam, which was released in 2003..... You can say that it is a rather old gunpla out there. Despite it being an old gunpla, it is actually still one of the best looking HGUC in my opinion.
The mechanism, the number of parts, the color separation... all of them are above average. I'd give HGUC Z Gundam the score of 8.5/10, and I'd give it a 9.5 if the color separation even better. Well the stickers are what would we expect from a HG Class gunpla.

I didn't use any of the yellow stickers for the shoulders and the arms, only put it in the red part of the shield though. But instead, I put the decals all over the Z Gundam's body hahahaha, feels like hotter with those.

Oh..... about my Z Gundam........., well no, the decals aren't included in the HGUC Z's box.
OK then, let's see the 360 degrees view of this dude.

You see, just imagine this dude without those decals, the color itself already good enough for the HG Class. Just for your info, the MG V2.0 Class of the Z Gundam still also use stickers for some of the parts. And another info too, the MG V2.0 takes the proportion from this 2003 released HGUC.

One thing that I might not like is the seamlines on its leg and feet. They are so big that it become such an eyesore.

Ah, maybe for some extra information I used these decals for this dude.
  • MG Musha MkII Decals, for those white warning signs.
  • HQ Parts Decals, for those other than white decals.
  • MG Victory Gundam Decals, I used its dry transfer decals......, oh how I hate it, you know what I mean...

Hmmm, maybe some action poses are needed to show how good this dude is. Next time then, after I finished the decals on the Hyper Mega Launcher.

As the last words from this post, I'd say that the HGUC Z Gundam is worthy to get for a price of 1600 yen.
Get it!! Grauuwww!!!.

Cya in another post then!!



Khaidir said...

suddenly want the MG Zeta Gundam O_O

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

After having watched Delta Plus and Rezel on Unicorn, it makes me want to collection Zeta Gundam, ReGZ and Zeta Plus.

Q said...

First time coming over here, Merry Christmas to you!

Zeta may be an old model, but older models are not necessarily "not as good". The use of MG decals is neat - it gives the Zeta a more authentic look there~ It would be nice if you will give it some panel lining too! ^^

canopy said...

Hi all, Merry Christmas 2011 :D

@Khaidir :
Haha, me too, the v2.0 will be in one of my top "to get" list next year.

@Dennis :
Whoa, those are all the transformable MS, gotta be good to see them all together hehe.

@Q :
Hi Q, welcome :) Agree, some older models are pretty good.
Yea, I plan to panel line my dudes here. :D

Tom said...

Happy New Year to you man, I still think the Zeta 2.0 looks a little more stretched out then it's HG.

Sohee said...

Stretched vertically, agree. But nevertheless, good effort in putting those decals. The HG Zeta looks great.

samuel said...

This is a good appliance of decals. Nice Zeta you got there.

heathorn said...

Hi canopy, does this model comes with many piston parts?
Not real working pistons, I mean like those koto detailing 'fixed' pistons.

canopy said...

@Tom: seeing the one in Dalong, yes the MG is indeed more stretched...
@Sohee: Waw a Korean girl hahaha, thanks
@Samuel: Thx yo.
@Heathorn: Pistons? Yes, it is located on the arms and behind the legs, although I would say it just a decoration...

Tom said...

I just recently bought this because of this review lol...

canopy said...

Haha, have fun in building it tom :)

Anonymous said...

hello sir u are amazing in giving reviews to gundam kits ^^ please make a review of hg rezel :D Thank you sir u are awesome ^^

canopy said...

Hi there, thank you. Well, I haven't update my blog for a long time, maybe sometime in this year after my workplace ready.

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