Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What should I do next... Hrairoo? Victory? Zeta?

Aaaa...... so it's December already hahaha, I'm really a lazy blogger after all.

So long story short, on November 2011 I moved to my new residence. Everything is reprepared, only the HGUC Nu Gundam and MG Victory Gundam that I brought with me at the time though.

So now then, even though I wasn't blogging all the time, the passion for gunpla still there....... The passion to show off hahahahaha...

OK then, I'm still continuing with my babbling here....
Whoaaa, I want that sexy Gaplant Hrairoo (again)!!! If you ever read my post about Broken HG Gunplas part 1, I told you guys about how my Hrairoo become dead because of the freefall. *Ouch!!!

It is one of my favorite alternative gunpla design here. So you see, it is a definite re-buy for me if I ever saw this gorilla again.  A major retouch will be done if I already got the new one....

And next is this fully holy loaded weaponized small unit of Victory Gundam, ano shiroi no yatsu!! Grrrrr!!!!

Haven't really touch this unit for a long time, it was already fully decaled now, so guess it is ready to be showed off!! (In Bahasa Indonesia, pamer mode on, hahaha)

And the last one will be this baby, HGUC Zeta Gundam!!!
This is a rather old collection of mine, which is in 2003. But still I think it is one of the best HGUC at the time..... even now??!?!

Major sprue marks here and there in my Z Gundam, at that time I pull the parts out from the runners, using my bare hands, no nipper used, hahahaha.

So the next targets for the retouch will be these three. By the way.... I'm male.... Is that important or what?!?!

Cya on the next post hahaha!!



Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The Advance Zeta version of Gaplant looks really cool in that colour scheme. It catches much attention again when it made its appearance again on Unicorn Epi 4

canopy said...

Errr... are you referring to the Byalant Custom Dennis? Or I am missing the Hrairoo scene in Eps 4?? ¬_¬¡

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