Sunday, January 30, 2011

HGUC FA-78-3 Full Armor Gundam 7th WIP Review 1

Saturday again now, it's almost midnight 10:18PM here. Time surely flies here, it's almost the end of January 2011 now haha. CNY is only 4 days left, I think I'll take a day off from Wednesday to Friday to celebrate it with my family.

Now then intro to this HGUC FA-78-3 Full Armor Gundam 7th. I got this one about 3 or 4 months ago, and still I don't know anything about this unit's information.
When I first saw this unit, the thing that comes up to my mind is "Wow, it's colorful..., let's try it out".

Fufufu, the HGUC family members are waiting for the new babe here. Oh say hello to my Z, Delta Plus, and Nu. I finished the Delta Plus and Nu about last week..... Now it sounds like I'm totally addicted to gunpla.
The finished stuff should be like in the picture above, it's colorful....agree buddies?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

RG RX78-2 Gundam Review 1

Whoa, I think this is the first "WIP" (Work In Process) section in my reviews. Usually I'll just bundle all up in a "Act" section and just go. Maaan, this is my last days off, so after this post, it will be a "once a week" update.....  I guess....

Anyway in this part, more or less, I'll show you what's going on while building this babe.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

RG RX78-2 Gundam Intro

Hohoho, it's finally Saturday!!! Woke up @ 2AM and couldn't sleep. Aiyah, why the internet conn is slow aah!! I'm currently taking a 5 days-off from the office, and already spent two of them.

Wait...... this is a gunpla review, "no complain2 ah". But I think in the "Intro" post, better express something before start blogging. Wanting to make this blog in a wider fashion, so the pics posted won't be so small, but I'll leave the old posts as it is.
You know, I have bad English, but it is sufficient to make the review tho'. It's just like the pictures can tell you what I mean hahahaha.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Broken HG Gunplas part 1

Happy New Year 2011 all,  New Year means Old and New, discard the old ones and welcome the new ones hahahahaha.

As the previous post said, I'm gonna keep these broken gunplas inside their boxes. This part will be about the short review of S-Gundam (or Sentinel or Superior), Heavy Arms Custom, and Gaplant Hrairoo. So off to go now!!

We'll start from Sentinel aka S-Gundam. This unit is such a babe, I got it about 8 years ago.

My second Gandamu Puramo, while the first is HG ZZ Gundam. At the time, I thought that all the HG's height about this unit's tall. Not until I got the Heavy Arms Custom which is  very small compared to Sentinel. Yep, this unit is big, almost as big as the recent HGUC Sazabi and Nu Gundam.

From the profile I got from the net, this unit is said to be extremely powerful Gundam. While the MG version could transform, this HGUC one kennot. But nevertheless it still looks very good, don't you think? ^^

So... what actually wrong with my S-Gundam? See the picture above? For Sentinel, it has 4 reasons :
  • Since I've already put it on the display for very very much years, the white color has turned into.... yellow.... Urrgh the yellow nubmarks.
  • The rear skirt.... the connector broken. At that time I use a yellow glue, and turned out very very ugly.... euuuh....
  • The front skirt.... also the connector. With both front and rear skirt broken, it's quite hard to pose it without make the skirts fall. 
  • The white docking of the Beam Smart Gun, not shown here, but it broken too.

Is the S-Gundam worth it? Me think it is. It could do more, more, better poses than above pics. So I might be get ("buy") it again someday, while me considering also the MG Ex-S Gundam.

The second one is HG Gundam Heavy Arms Custom.
I think this is also one of my first Gundam from the old times. The price is rather cheap, about USD8 as far I remember. While I was building this one, I never thought that this one would be very small compared to my existing Gunplas. The green plastic is somewhat.... how do say it.... cheap?? Yea cheap.

And, what's wrong with this unit?
I haven't break any of its parts actually, only because the over thinner on its feet *I tried to paint it white recently*, and the mighty nubmarks everywhere.

The HG Heavy Arms Custom can't pose okey, it just can't. The legs can't bent to far, the articulation is one of the worst in my collection. But the design itself is actually kinda nice, moreover if you can paint it and do some weathering like the one in the manual.

The third one, it is Gaplant Hrairoo, this one is actually one of my newer Gunpla, I built this one on the beginning of 2010 World Cup.... HOW COME OOOOOOH HOW COME!?!?!??!?!
Of all the damages, this one get the worst, saiko no!!!

Hrairoo is one of my favourite non Gundam gunplas, design is cool, I'll say COOOLL!! It can just stand there and look so menacing. Too bad that the parts broken before I could take its pictures.

I realized after taking these photos, that this one also has lots of nubmarks. Go to the collateral damages then :
  • The pipe on its arm, how come that it is so fragile?!?!
  • The long beam rifle, the rear part of this rifle is quite fragile, it snapped when I tried to bend Hrairoo to make extreme yoga poses. Huuuuu, the rifle is cool, why it has to be snapped apart.
  • The part near Hrairoo's collar. OMG, stupid hand while holding it too hard.
  • The worst one is the arms holder, you see the difference between the left and right? I can't!!!! I JUST CAN'T FIX THOSE!!! AAARRGGGH!!! This one caused by the Hrairoo flying and crashing to the earth without its brake.
    The moment the arms holder break, I can already see Hrairoo would have its retirement from the display case.

All the pictures are taken after all the damages occured, can't do very much for the poses.
About the head, originally it has a V-Fin.... replaced it with the original Gaplant's head. The V-Fin head looks like gorilla I tell you, it is gorilla with armor. Hrairoo looks better in the air cause it will shows its long feet. While at the ground, again, it is gorilla with armor. If you have some MG's beam saber, you can also put it in the Hrairoo's side rifle to make some effects.
For the rest, you can always see other fellow gunpla builders review for Hrairoo's.

Despite the later damages on Hrairoo, Hrairoo is worthy to get. I'd love the get this unit again someday, make it Gaplant Hrairoo MkII!!

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