Saturday, April 7, 2012

HGUC Gundam RX-78 GP03S Stamen Review 2

I remember when I posted HGUC Stamen's review as my first review on this blog. It was one of my shortest review since it actually "didn't" cover anything other than view photos and sentences hahaha. Today... it's not an actual review, rather, I'm trying to show the result of IXUS210IS in macro.

As the addition, I've thrown some decals on Stamen, it was as plain as vanilla without any decals....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Personal Mini Studio

Well..., while everyone seems so hyped about Banshee, or maybe other newest AGE gunplas...... I find my self in hibernation in the past 3 months.

The most specific reason would be because I moved to my new residence. In my new place, while the "gunpla making" can still go on, that's not the case for the photograph session.
Hahaha, no space for that, as the table that I planned to use.... is now used by my wife to put various kitchen things.

The other reasons would be my son threw down my Canon A710IS......................  MY CAMERA IS BROKEN!!!! WUAAAAAA............ *ehem*

That's children for you, don't let 'em play with delicate things...... :( :(

Anyway, as for the lack of photo studio, since my previous residence's room is empty right now, I thought that I could use that.... and voila, thus my new personal mini studio.

And since there are some gunplas around, I just grabbed them and take the pictures.
Oh yeah, since my A710IS is still broken, I used my Canon IXUS210IS instead....

Hmm, the IXUS210IS actually not bad, but the "Manual" function in the A series is better to adjust the exposure and shutter speed, not to say the Macro is better I'd say.
But nevertheless, since the studio and camera is available again now.... Time to blog again.............. *I guess, hahahaha.

OK then, cu on the next post then.

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