Sunday, January 4, 2015

Uncharted Waters : New Horizons

Howdy canopy's here, but this time it's not a gunpla hahaha.

Well.... have you ever played the "Uncharted Waters : new Horizons". Maybe not..... This game is released at 1994, published by KOEI, so yeah it's rather old one (21 years), it might be older then you guys though.

Why this game you say? Hahaha, cause it is a nostalgic one, and I'd say it is still one of the best games I've ever played. I first got this game from my cousin, around 1994 too I think. Love the KOEI games at the time, started from Uncharted Waters: New Horizons, and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Can you feel the excitement? I mean the excitement when you got to play something new for the first time?
I remember how interesting it is when the NES generation moved to SNES, and then to Sony PS1 and Sega Saturn, and so on. Everything, concepts, gameplay, graphics..... Everything seems so "woooaaah".

Now into the game!!!

The Uncharted Waters : New Horizons is about... how do I say this...
The Adventure of the Sea Voyagers
The setting is in 1522, which is the Age of Exploration. The story itself centers on the six voyagers which has their own storyline. So yeah, there are at least six replay time to finish all of them.
What's so interesting about this game is..... it combines so many aspects to survive in the character's adventure. Here are some of the interesting aspects :
  • Story, of course.
  • The sailing management: such as the crew management, food, battles.
  • Trading. Well,... unlike Suikoden's trading, the trading in Uncharted Waters is one major component, since almost all your money requirement come from here.
  • Investment.
  • Cartography (Hey, I know a bit much about geography and places around the world from this game)
  • Discover new places, lands, from all around the world.
  • Battles!!!! Sea Battles of course, well you got the duel battle too. And yeah, you must equip your character with the proper one to ensure your winning.
  • Ship customization, this is quite interesting since each ship has their own specialty, and you'll be surprised there are so many type of ships here. Not to say the ships design is very nicely done.
  • Job from the Guilds, well... enough said.
  • Gambling, hahaha.
  • And etc etc.

The gameplay is very interesting considering that it was released at 1994.

Another thing is, this game, the Uncharted Waters : New Horizons... is the one that brought me to RPG World. After that, this one also got me buying Chrono Trigger which came out one year later.
(Oh c'mon you must have known Chrono Trigger at least!!)
Playing one great game after another,.... What a great childhood I have hahahaha.
Oh one more thing... this game also the one taught me English at my early years in school.

Here's the site you need to visit for download, guide, or whatsoever...

Cya on another post then.


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